Speakers Made for Professionals

Perhaps you don’t know much about speakers but nether less speaker quality is important. ?We invest in quality speakers because a good quality sound makes a huge difference for any event.


Our high precision, Italian made speakers known as RCF rcf-logo are amongst the most expensive speaker brands on the market. You don’t have to be an expert to notice either, with crystal clear sound quality and built to last, these speakers will bring your party to life! Not to mention, built in backup fuses that can be replaced very easily if there is a power surge.?RCF speakers are also used by many large audio hire companies around Australia because they are reliable and last for years without fail.

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( Speakers are raised to head height or above with speaker stands )

Here is what makes these speakers so great

  • Powerful for up to 200 people (Sub woofer required for more)
  • Italian made (not cheap chinese product) speakers with clear punchy sound
  • Each powered individually so if one fails, the other will still work
  • Built in backup fuses that can be easily replaced in the case of a power surge


Lighting that creates atmosphere

Our LED lights are designed by our team and will fill any room from top to bottom. This amazing light projects a variety of colours and creates detailed patterns moving to the beat of the music.

Here is what makes our lights so great:

  • Detailed patterns that will keep your eyes amused
  • Dynamic front lense which enables the light to cover a wide area (for small or large rooms)
  • They are LED so can change through many colours to the music
  • LED globes last years (around 30) so they will never blow at a party

The DJs Console

Apart from digital music files being a better way to store and manage your music library, it is much easier for DJs to locate songs on the job. This means the DJ can spend more time choosing songs and less time trying to find them. Our music library is neatly organised into folders with break downs of genre, plus if anyone asks for a request the DJ can type it in and load it up in seconds.


TurntableIn the 70s they used vinyls, the 80s was cassettes, the 90s bought us CDs, and now we enter the digital era. Once frowned upon, it has become the standard for every mobile DJ and even a large number of world wide DJs to DJ with a laptop and digital mixer.

Keeping up with the latest technologies, Discosource DJs upgraded all of our DJs to laptops in 2007 at the earliest time possible. At this time laptops were becoming more powerful and reliable whilst more DJ software’s were entering the market.

CDsWe use them and in fact, could not wait to start using them years before we did, because of some obvious benefits over CD technology. CDs can be scratched easily, you can only fit 80 minutes worth of music per CD, and sometimes you misplace them. This is not a good way to build your music library.

Additionally benefits to laptop DJing includes auto beat sync for better mixes between songs and the ability to hold a huge library never before physically possible if you were carrying CDs or worse vinyls.

Online Music Planner and Song Search and Selection

We have our very own exclusive online music planner created by us to make planning your music so easy. Read More.

online music planner-discosource

Believe it or not, all the lighting in the video above is made from this one light. We do also send the DJ with an additional light which will vary from DJ to DJ.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

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