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Guide to using the Music Planner
The Music Planner comes in 4 parts, however not all parts are essential for each event.

To get started with any part of the plan, first you must Register Here at the Song Selector.

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The Song Selector is a search and selection tool for you to search our full song list, and create a playlist for your event. If you want to keep things simple, you can make one playlist, print it out and give it to your DJ on the night.

For a more detailed approach, the Song Selector opens up inside the Music Planner. If you would like to give us more information then simply complete the Music Planner and then you will be making two playlists, one for background music and another for dancing music.
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The Music Planner is a questionnaire form which asks important information which will help your DJ be more prepared for the music at your event. It is a simple five step questionnaire which informs your DJ such things as the amount of people expected, demographics, your favourite styles of music, genres you would like for background & dancing music, and more.
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Creating a time schedule is not essential for each event, for something as simple as a speech you can enter the speech time on the Music Planner. If however you have a more structured event such as an awards night or wedding, then it is highly recommended that you create a time schedule.
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The Wedding Planner is another questionnaire form asking Wedding specific questions for the DJ to know. The Wedding Planner is crucial for anyone having their wedding with us. This will cover such things as the nationality of both the bride and groom and if any additional cultural music is required, key wedding songs such as the entrance song and bridal waltz, the names of everyone who will be introduced and doing speeches in order and more. If you will be completing the Wedding Plan then you should also be completing the Music Planner and Time Schedule to make a complete plan.


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