?People remember the food the alcohol and the music, so choosing the DJ is pretty important and also pretty scary when you are most certainly not a music minded person ? I can?t tell you the names of the songs or artists I like but I do definitely have preferences. I gave Zen almost no direction, aside from, play good music, recent stuff with some old stuff thrown in and just read the crowd. It takes a special skill to be able to read a crowd and the atmosphere to decide what fits best and to get everyone of all ages on the dance floor, but he nailed it. If only I could show you the photos on here because everyone was on the dance floor, we extended our wedding for 30 mins more because people were just having such a great time. I can?t thank you enough Zen! We?ve had so many comments about how awesome our music was and you truly made the night just an epic party!?

Sarah ? Wedding @ The Pier Geelong, February 2017