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When looking for DJs in Melbourne you want to find a professional DJ who will listen carefully to what you want played and tailor their music selection to your preferences. With Discosource DJ’s this is a given and further to that we have our very own music planning tools created by our team for you to make the perfect music plan for your event, ensuring that your DJ never skips a beat (no pun intended). However there is more to that when choosing your DJ, here I am going to give you a few things to look out for when shopping for a DJ in Melbourne and give you a few pointers on what to look for.

The Speaker Quality

Okay so you’ve found a DJ in Melbourne that sounds good, is attentive to your needs and can cater to your eclectic taste in music, what else is important when choosing a DJ? Well a mobile DJ wouldn’t be one without a complete mobile DJ setup including high quality sound system and a cool lighting setup that creates a bit of atmosphere. You should definitely check on the DJs speaker quality and ensure you are getting a top sound system, so here are some brands to keep your ears out for, RCF, JBL, EV, QSC, Yamaha and here are some speakers which are at the cheaper end of the market (lower quality) and these are, Fenton, Vonix, Behringer, Skytec. You don’t want a DJ who is going to cut corners and try to save money on speaker quality as without the sound there is no DJ, so the sound quality must be good.

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The DJs Setup

The DJs setup is how their equipment is presented. DJs in Melbourne’s equipment setups can vary greatly depending on how much the DJ has re-invested in his equipment. If you are going to pay good money make sure your DJ has not only a pro sound but a professional DJ setup. Different mobile DJs have different styles of presenting their equipment also. One style is to use what is called a Facade which is a white booth that can glow with different colours from LED lights. The DJs setup of course also includes the lighting, make sure you ask what lighting the DJ is providing as they should have some photos or videos for you to see.

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The Music Range

The final and probably most important thing when searching for DJs in Melbourne is the DJs music range. A good mobile and professional DJ will have a full range of music for all ages and of all genres. No one wants a one trick pony that can only play one style of music, a really good DJ will have all styles and be ready to switch at any moment. They can take requests and 9 times out of 10 they will have the songs that people ask for, this is what you want. So make sure you ask to see the DJs music library, or at least a sample of what they have to offer and be sure they don’t mind playing songs from your own play list.

A priceless experience at a competitive price

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